High Pressure Cleaning

Bye Bye Carpet Cleaning and pest control expert Pressure Cleaning services for all properties

Based in Brisbane, we offer professional high pressure water cleaner forces water or cleaning solution through a nozzle at very high pressure. These versatile cleaners can be used for all kinds of jobs including cleaning, descaling and removing old paint from exteriors prior to repainting..

The difference between the various types of pressure washers largely comes down to how much power they deliver. Their capacity is measured in cleaning units, which are the PSI (or pounds per square inch) of pressure they produce multiplied by their flow rate (gpm or gallons per minute)..

If you’re dealing with mold, mildew and heavy duty stains on steel and concrete surfaces, using a stronger detergent and a higher setting will produce a better result. Detergents come in both liquid and powder form, and both can be applied directly to the surface to be cleaned or used in the pressure washer itself, mixing with the tank water as it sprays

So there you have it; a brief but hopefully useful insight into high pressure cleaners and cleaning. They can do a much better job than elbow grease and, in the right hands, they’re safe around children, pets and the environment.

The team at Bye Bye Carpet Cleaning are highly trained professionals with over 20 years of combined experience. All of our team members are equipped with safety harness kits and have the appropriate certificates and training to work safely at heights. Work is always performed adhering to strict safe working methods and compliant with all Australian work safe standards.