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Bye Bye Pest Control opts practical approach to resolve the residential pest control needs with cost

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Bye Bye Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control have the most popular and deserving professionals in the lo

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Flea treatments are procedures used to treat flea infestations in human or animal populations. They

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Specialists in Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Upholstery Cleaning, Cleaning your Mats and Rugs, Stain Removal from Carpets and Rugs, Mattress Cleaning, restoring Water Damaged Carpets, and Carpet and Fabric Protection

Bye Bye Pest Control Services has started its journey since 2010, we have never struggled to prove our work quality and establish our carpet cleaning and pest control business in Brisbane. Our journey started from the location of ferny grove Brisbane and Mr. Steven Michael Established the business onboard in the year 2013. We have been not like the out sider companies to out source our regular work to any other contracting companies, the reason behind is our upgraded techiniues which we perform on a regular interval. Our motto is to be very specific with our work technique and make sure we don't allow a single reason to prove our work quality. In Brisbane our pest control and carpet cleaning business is pretty much well known via word of mouth. Bye Bye Pest is fully licensed and certified business in Brisbane Qld, our area of proven service quality is specially in residential and commercial both. We also do Flea treatment just to make sure your family and your furry pal is protected. Our projection to make property fully pest controlled even if its your pet we are at our service to help you. Commercial Pest control in Brisbane has never been comfortable journey for all local based company. At Bye Bye pest we guarantee the best work delivered with top quality management and regulation, we included in our list the top and challenging industries like restaurants, school, office and warehouse. Our team of expert professionals and staffs helps to make every venture successful protect all residential and commercial properties within Brisbane. . At Bye Bye Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control we are fully quality controlled and after every work our quality inspection team verify the work and makes sure that the given task is done without any technical or physical glitch. We are pretty famous on the social medias as we have been receiving very good response through our Facebook , hence our best part is we are in social touch with our clients which makes our pest control work more easy and also very convenient for our clients. Bye Bye Pest Control offers 100% guaranteed pest control service 12 months. Unlike other business we are not based in multiple location worldwide, we are within Brisbane and understand the climate of Brisbane as a result we don’t take help of hired contractors to complete our project , it is fully in house controlled. If you live within Brisbane it’s very easy to reach us and avail our services round the clock.

Why Us ?

Brisbane's warm climate means plenty of bugs and other pests have the perfect environment to grow and reproduce. You don't want them coming inside your office or home, though. To keep them away, you need regular pest inspections to prevent them from making your home their own. At Bye Bye Pest, our highly trained technicians inspect your Brisbane home and its exterior for not only signs of a pest infestation, but also for potential entrances. Insects, mice, and other pests can come into your home through the tiniest of openings. With regular inspections, we can alert you of these 'welcome mats' and seal them before any unwanted guests come inside. Because common household pests carry many dangerous diseases, you don't want them anywhere near your family, your employees, or your customers. Even if your pest inspections show that your home has been invaded, rest assured, we can eradicate them from your home. After we rid your home of pests, though, we do recommend that you engage us for regular pest inspections. Because Brisbane is in such a pest-friendly climate zone, regular inspections are the only way to keep household pests at bay.

Brisbane's Best Pest Inspectors Find Hidden Pests

Pest control technicians undergo rigorous training to learn about the hidden signs of pest infestations. At Bye Bye Pest Control, our pest inspectors keep on learning through our continuing education programmed. That means that when you hire Brisbane's best pest inspectors, you'll get a pest professional that can take advantage of the latest technology and strategies to locate and destroy any tucked-away pest colonies inside your home. From tiny speckles of mudding that mean that termites have started eating your home to a couple of mouse droppings in a little-used corner, our highly trained pest inspectors can track them down. It's important to get the jump on pests when they've just moved in, so they don't reproduce while they're in your home. More pests mean a harder time getting rid of them--so don't wait. If an inspection turns up something, arrange for treatment right away.

For Your New Brisbane Home, Get a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Looking for a new Brisbane home? Get a pre-purchase pest inspection before you make an offer. For the same reasons you need a second pair of eyes to inspect your home for structural defects, you need a professional pest inspector to detect any hidden pest infestations. The excitement of finding your new home may cause you to overlook signs of mouse droppings, dead flies on the floor, or other signs that the home may have a pest problem. And, you're not an expert on pest infestations. Leave the inspections to those who are. Because a home is such a huge financial undertaking, it pays to spend the money to get the pre-purchase pest inspection Brisbane residents have counted on for years -- Bye Bye Pest Control thorough examination. If the infestation has caused major damage, you might want to move on or insist on a significant price drop. At Bye Bye Pest Control, we know the Brisbane area--and its pests--so you can trust us to do right by your new home. Before you buy, call us.


At Bye Bye Pest Control Brisbane, we have successfully built and maintained a quality service to our customers. Our success has been built through our company's commitment to service quality and customer relations.

We have programs designed individually to meet commercial specifications, CDI Pest Management carries out the job with the understanding of the client’s needs and expectations.

Restaurants, hotels, schools, cafes, warehouses, and many other organizations all have to keep their products and buildings pest free on a regular basis and we can help you achieve this. CDI Pest Management provides all documentation along with the expertise which is required for all commercial premises working to HACCP & AQIS accreditations.

Every situation is different, if you have a pest problem give our friendly staff a call to get the best advice.

Brisbane Pest Control Starts with Pest Inspections

Don't wait until you see signs of pests before you contact Bye Bye Pest. Pest inspections are the best way to get a handle on your Brisbane pest problem.

With an established Brisbane pest control company like Bye Bye Pest coming around regularly to keep tabs on your home, you can keep pests outside where they belong. They'll identify the first signs of a pest infestation and recommend treatment that can rid your home of them for good.

During your pest control inspection, Bye Bye Pest Control professionals will examine your home inside and out for any signs of pests. Beginning inside your home, they will look over your ceilings, walls, and floors, hunting for cobwebs, sawdust, or droppings that indicate an active infestation.

They'll check all the moisture-prone areas, such as the kitchen and the bathrooms since that's where many pests congregate in search of water. They will crawl through your crawlspace, inspect your basement, look under your deck, and check any stored timber for pests.

Then, they'll check the exterior of your home, too, for both evidence of pests, as well as areas that present potential trouble, such as slight cracks in exterior walls, seals that don't close properly. Not a centimeter is neglected. Rafters, beams, gables, skylights, gutters, and down-pipes--all favorite places for pests to hide--will come under the scrutiny of the thorough pest control professionals from Bye Bye Pest.

Please feel free to call us and get a free quote from our experts for pest control and carpet cleaning services



  • Spiders
  • Bedbugs
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
  • Land prawns

If you have pests in your house they are not only a nuisance, they can multiply very quickly if you don't act when you first see them. Our team at CDI Pest in Brisbane can eliminate pests safely and swiftly to ensure that you and your family enjoy your home, pest free!

Different homes have different needs which is why we offer several treatment options to protect your home. Our general pest service includes Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and Silverfish. Our service within Brisbane is under warranty so if the pest comes back, then so do we free of charge.

The products we use are of low toxicity products and are applied in line with our expertise programme. If you’re having issues with general pests, give CDI a call and we will be happy to help.